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The Method

The Virginia Satir method is based on the six phases of transformative change.

They are:  Making Contact, Validating, Facilitating Awareness, Promoting Acceptance, Eliciting Positive Choices and Constructive Change.

These are what make this type of coaching and mentoring so unique, powerful and effective.

The Certification

There are three levels of training, which culminates in your certification as a Virginia Satir Coaching & Mentoring Specialist:

  • Level 1: Is a personal growth program that focuses on enriching your relationship with yourself and others (12 hours).

  • Level 2: Is in-depth training in Virginia Satir’s concepts and process and additional skills targeting change (8 hours).

  • Level 3: Is a specialist training focusing on Satir’s Coaching and Mentoring skills and includes a supervised practicum and culminates in the award of the formal certificate (20 hours).

Creating Connections Virginia Satir Institute Experiential Method

Advanced Training

It is also possible to continue your training program to become a Certified Trainer (Level 4) and Certified Master-Trainer (Level 5).

  • Level 4: Is an advanced program where you learn how to mentor and train candidates in the Virginia Satir method (20 hours).
  • Level 5 – Is a Master Trainer program where you learn how to ‘train the trainers’ (hours vary).

Professional Development

I also provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development via continuous  professional supervision and I run a bi-monthly study group for professionals interested in Virginia Satir’s process model of growth.

Please contact me for more information on these advanced programs.

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Satir Global Network

The Creating Connections Satir Institute is a member of the Satir Global Network.

The Satir Global Network aims to provide an inclusive forum to support and encourage the creativity of individuals, groups and institutes in the use, sharing and development of the Satir Growth Model.