Improve Communication & Reduce Conflict

Our Newest Course

This course is aimed at professionals, who are taking on new and important responsibilities at work and facing challenges in managing teams, or assuming their role, or juggling competing commitments.  

Using Virginia Satir’s process model of growth we will develop and apply tools so that you will be able to step back, establish perspective, shift your point of view, deepen your understanding and hear yourself and others.

This will help you to:

  • Improve communication
  • Better manage teams
  • Deal with stress and frustration
  • Reduce conflict and tension 
  • Juggle multiple responsibilities (professional and personal)
  • Feel in harmony with your new role and responsibilities
  • Be authentic 

Find balance between the different goals in different areas of your life. 

Improve communication
Better manage teams
Deal with stress and frustration Reduce conflict and tension

Our Approach

The Virginia Satir method is based on the six phases of transformative change.

They are:  

  • Making Contact
  • Validating
  • Facilitating Awareness
  • Promoting Acceptance
  • Eliciting Positive Choices
  • Constructive Change

These are what make this type of coaching and mentoring so unique, powerful and effective.


About the Institute

The Creating Connections Satir Institute is a spanish-english, bilingual, online space where we can explore and develop the different aspects of what it means to be connected to the people around us, and to oneself. 

The Institute provides training and mentoring for people who want to experience personal growth and change in accordance with Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy in an individual or group format.

We are most alive when we are supported, when we have choices, and when we are connected to the energy of others. 

Our Values

  • Making Contact 

  • Awareness 

  • Openness

  • Understanding

  • Conscious Choices

  • Support

Agnes Windram Psychotherapy Counseling Body Mind Wellbeing


I am a  registered Psychotherapist (LMFT, LMHC) trained in  Psychology, Feldenkrais Body AwarenessFitzmaurice Voicework, and the Internal Family System. I make use of these complimentary body-mind based therapeutic techniques so that I can adapt my approach to the different needs of my clients. I aim to help you feel grounded, more alive and more confident.

Multi-lingual Psychotherapist with strong pedagogic background, who has practiced in Europe, South America and USA. I specialize in a combination of psychotherapeutic methods and various body-mind and art therapy practices to facilitate my clients’ progress towards wellbeing

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