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11 Dec 2021

Satir Study Group

Yearnings & Unmet Needs

21 Nov 2021, 01h00 & 08h00 PST

Yearnings & Unmet Needs

Next up! The Satir Study Group talks about Yearnings & Unmet Needs. 

21 Nov 2021

Satir Study Group

Feelings About Feelings

21 Nov 2021, 01h00 & 08h00 PST

Satir Study Group - Feelings About Feelings

Join us for an exciting and instructive Study Group Session on Feelings About Feelings. 

16 Oct 2021

Satir Study Group

Emotions and Feelings

16 Oct 2021, 12h00 & 16h00 UK
17 Oct 2021, 06h00 UK

Satir Study Group - Emotions & Feelings

Join us for a great Study Group Session on Emotions and Feelings. 

18 Sep 2021

Satir Study Group

Making Contact

18 Sep 2021, 07h00 PST
19 Sep 2021, 04h00 & 08h00 PST

Satir Study Group = Making Contact

Join us for a great Study Group Session on Making Contact.

5 May 2021


Virginia Satir Introductory Workshop

5 May 2021, 09h00 PST

Satir Introductory Workshop

Join us for a full-day introductory workshop on Virginia Satir’s Experiential Model of the Process of Change, Growth, and Relationships. Its an enriching and rewarding experience for people who want to experience personal growth and change. 

The Creating Connections Satir Institute is a spanish-english, bilingual, online space where we can explore and develop the different aspects of what it means to be connected to the people around us, and to oneself. 

  • Connected to your feelings and emotions
  • Connected to your unmet needs
  • Connected to a sense of safety, security, and calm
Agnes Windram Psychotherapy Counseling Body Mind Wellbeing


I am a  registered Psychotherapist (LMFT, LMHC) trained in  Psychology, Feldenkrais Body AwarenessFitzmaurice Voicework, and the Internal Family System. I make use of these complimentary body-mind based therapeutic techniques so that I can adapt my approach to the different needs of my clients. I aim to help you feel grounded, more alive and more confident.

Multi-lingual Psychotherapist with strong pedagogic background, who has practiced in Europe, South America and USA. I specialize in a combination of psychotherapeutic methods and various body-mind and art therapy practices to facilitate my clients’ progress towards wellbeing